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In life we meet to part and part to meet. No one has control of that. There are instances where we will be together with people we love and cherish when we met them. Unfortunately a time will come when we have to separate in life when each individual will be leaving to start his or her own journey of life. Even though it hurts me I have to say to say goodbye to my friends and loved ones I have met at Pearson. It  was nice knowing those I have met and it was a marvellous sharing with them.

Bid farewell

I just want to  say it was a nice for the time we have been together. To those I have shared good memories with I just want to say goodbye. I will miss all my friends though it hurts to separate. It will be nice to meet you guys again in the future.Our friendship is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Talking to my friends made me smile and meeting them set me free. I can’t believe that life is separating  and ripping us apart. I just want to say that I will miss you from the bottom of my heart.

Words can not explain how I feel even though I have to say goodbye. I might be sad that my  friends are going away but this is the time to look back at all the beautiful memories that I shared with them, rather than crying. The farewell will be tearful but it will be yet another memory that’ll hold everything together when I am apart from my friend even thousands of miles.


Public relations campaign

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A task had been given to the house group practitioner  in which she has to analyse the situation and stakeholders of the of the organisation as well as plan and come with objectives which will be evaluated in the end. Situation analysis also calls for thorough study of stakeholders’ analysis currently involve what they do, the information they know and their feelings related to the organisation’s problem. Stakeholders refer to all the groups with an interest in the organisation (Steyn & Puth, 2011).

Audience analysis relates to the process of examining information about your listeners. Analysis of audience is done in three ways which are demographics, attitudinal analysis and environmental analysis. Demographic analysis includes age, gender, culture, ethnicity, income levels and educational levels. Attitudinal analysis involves addressing to audience’s attitude, belief and values. Environmental analysis relates to the identification of all the external and internal elements which can affect the organisation’s performance (Stacy, 2003).

These are the stakeholders involved in the House Group project;

Other Christian individuals in Berea community from Brethren church, Saint   Georges Anglican Church and Roman Catholic Church.

  • Demographics – Christian individuals from Berea community are teenaged, adults and the aged people. Some of the teenagers are still going to school whilst the adults some of them are working class and other aged people does not go to work. Christians that have been approached by the practitioner within Berea community from Brethren church are male and female black people though they are some of the white people whom the practitioner did not manage to speak to them.
  • Attitudinal- the secretary of Saint George’s Anglican Church listen to the House’ practitioner’s appeal for donations but the church did have a negative respond in which they spoke about being unable to help the organisation. Looking at attitudinal analysis some Christians at a Roman Catholic church in Berea community believe that it is a good thing if a person gives to the one in need.
  • Environmental analysis- The environment of Berea community in which the House Group is situated have some people who mould girl child to become spiritually strong. Taking for instance the pastor Of Brethren church in Berea near The House Group spare some of the time having bible sessions to give spiritual guidance to girls at the House (Andiswa, 2016).

Berea local community

  • Demographics-Some of the people living in Berea community have low income to sustain themselves thereby low chances of donating to the House Group. Other people within Berea community feels good in giving to the needy though some of them are unemployed. Some individuals within Berea community consists of the employed and unemployed youths as well as middle aged women and men as well as aged men and women over sixty-five years.
  • Attitudinal- Some individuals in Berea community do not want to speak in English with the practitioner which is a challenge to the practitioner at some moments since there is no one who will be interpreting to English language at that moment. However they are some adults in the working class who are willing to listen when the practitioner appeals for donations.
  • Environmental analysis- The House Group needs tight security since where it is situated in Berea community has high rate of theft which might affect the organisation.

Schools in Berea

  • Demographic – Includes some of Witwatersrand University students both boys and girls.
  • Attitudinal- Some of students both male and female from Witwatersrand University in central Johannesburg wish to help the House girls with their school and homework since they prioritise education. Berea high school and Barnato Park high school promise to give school uniforms to the House Group.
  • Environmental analysis- If the mentioned schools fulfil their wishes towards assisting The House Group it will give a positive light to the educational performance of the House’ girls.

In conclusion, a use of problem statement summarises what is identified about the crisis condition. Problem statement describes the current situation of the House Group which is that the organisation is not known by most people surrounding Berea community and other people who are willing to donate. The unawareness of the target public for the House Group is due to the fact that the company lack communication with their target public who can help with donations. The problem started from the beginning of the organisation since it depends on charity. In this case, the problem involves the girls who are staying at the House Group which affect in such a way that their lives did not improve if people willing to help does not know the organisation.


Planning is preparing a sequence of action steps to achieve some specific goals. Planning helps an organisation chart a course for the achievement of its goals in which it reveals the current operations of the organisation and identifying what needs to be improved operationally in the upcoming year (Hill, 2016).

Public relations goal

A goal relates to an object of a person’s ambition or effect. Public relations goal must take sense within the context of the organisation’s bigger vision, its mission and operational goals. Statements of organisational goals, duties, values and social accountability serve two crucial purposes in public relations in which they commit the whole organisation to responsibility as well as expression of attitudes providing structure for public relations practitioners to formulate public relations goals (Broom & Sha, 2013).

The practitioner’s goal is that the practitioner created an effective awareness campaign to get donations from the community and fellow public. The House Group girls’ schools uniforms are grey skirts, trousers and white shirts short as well as long sleeved.

 Public relations objectives

  • After the goal is set, the following step is to find key publics, expressing objectives and determining strategies and tactics. There must be a close connection between the whole program goals, the objectives established for each of the publics and strategies and tactics selected to finish each objective. The goal must be specific, measurable, and available at an acceptable cost, relevant and time-bound (Broom &Sha, 2013). In the case of The House, the practitioner’s plan is to create a website for the company. The objectives includes the practitioner’s visit to schools willing to donate school uniforms. Advertisement of uniform drive is another objective that the practitioner aimed towards achieving it.

Objectives represent the specific knowledge, opinion and behavioural outcomes to be achieved for each well-defined public.

With reference to The House Group the first objective is the visit to five schools in Johannesburg Central that were willing to donate old or new girls’ school uniforms on 30June 2016.

  1. Another aim was the advertisement of uniform drive on 30August 2016 in order for high school students around Johannesburg Central business district (CBD) to donate uniforms.
  2. The third objective is written letters to parents and guardians of students in the high schools mentioned above asking for their children to bring old school uniforms.
  3. Final objective is number of required uniforms from each school which is twenty-seven as well as clothes for teenage girls that were promised by individuals around Berea community. The behavioural outcome to be achieved for The House Group is the increase in number of people contributing donations of uniforms, other thingsthe organisation needs and clothes.

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Feeling drained

Why School so boring



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There are somethings that drain all of my energy but i have come to realised for the ones I experienced in my lifetime are better. Higher education has drained my energy at this pointing time. I am depressed, tired as well as  feeling mundane at all. Despite the fact am tired I need to work hard because i cannot just give up. Giving up is not an option even though all of my power and energy is drained.

Try your best

I will try my best, the almighty will do the rest in the almighty because all of my energy is drained. i feel sick as well as feeling like my mind just shut down because of too much pressure i cannot bear. All the same i have to be strong because i am not the only one who started with learning.

I hope myself with the all effort i shall put i will be able to finish what i started accompanied by the belief that the Lord will make it up to me. All that has concern will be perfected by the Lord for i am tired and cannot carry the burden alone. This phase will pass it is not meant to be permanent . All i have to do is to be humble.

Things money cannot buy

10 Things money can’t buy


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According to Derrick (2014) money is seen as one of the most consuming aspect of our lives. Even though some people are constantly worrying where to spent the money the ways of saving money and how to use it. Despite the fact that most people worry in the way they spent money, at some pointing time one will realise the value of money when he or she did something tangible through the use of money.

My point of view is that I do agree with Derrick that money is valuable, however it does not bring happiness. Money does not buy respect, in such a way respect is earned through the person’s behaviour. Even though some people say if one does not have money nowadays no one is willing to listen to such a person, i do not agrees with that idea. Unfortunately money cannot buy peace. If one does have money it does not necessarily mean that someone has inner peace . Some of the people will end up wishing the way of living for other people who are not rich simply because they have peace not that they have money.

Love is another thing money cannot buy even though most of the people nowadays does not buy that idea at all. What money does according to my own perception is to attract a person to the one with money, when you want to find if the person love the one with money sometimes that love would not be there.

Manners cannot be bought by money.

If a person is not well mannered that is it one cannot lie to him or herself thinking since he or she has money there will be recognition as someone who is well mannered by other people (Sonnenburg, 2016).


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An intersting weekend indeed

Superb weekend 

My weekend was awesome and superb. It is among one of the best moments i have in the days of my life. Even though i am exhausted and tired i really enjoyed my time at our church conference. I feel the time was too short for it i actually wanted more days but all the same i did have others things to do. The time i had at church was nice and interesting.

The church conference is what i was waiting for now that it is done and past for this year i will always remember it since it marked beautiful memories in my lifetime. The conference uplifted my soul. Last weekend i lived my life for that moment as if there was no tomorrow for i do not know what tomorrow holds. I was a happy person during last weekend.

My word to others is live for today for you do not know about tomorrow. What only needs to be done is not to exceed the limits of excitement. When you are happy be the happiest person that you can. Better to treat each  day of your life in a special way for days are not the same.


Success comes to those who have failed but still not giving up. It takes one who stand firm towards achieving what he or she want. William Shakespeare said that “Be not be afraid of greatness for some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. One need to see where his or her potential is and pursue that.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking made it so. Success comes along the way of those willing to work hard. Some people who help others across the ladder may succeed because they want to see others developing and have improved lives. Believing that you can do it as well as believing that you deserve it, is another factor that build self esteem to those who want to succeed (Steinher, 2014).




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Love for kids

Children are a precious gifts whom i love. Kids are adorable to me especially when they are at a young age. Children have genuine love as well as have pure hearts. I enjoy playing with kids since they brings joy to me. Well there are cases when a child cry to such an extent that you wish if the mother of the child could come back and take the child but still that does not  drift me away from my love for children.

Children need our love

Children need love to be in order to feel your presence. I love playing and dancing with children . To the children who likes me they end up closer to me to such an extent that when i leave them they cry to go with me where i am going.

Love Your Children



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